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November 12th 2021

Recent months have seen Tetbury Lions donate over £7,000 to Tetbury Hospital for the purchase of two very specialist items of equipment.  The first of these is a hospital defibrillator, an industrial strength device designed to deliver a specific charge.  It is equipped with a range of diagnostic tools to monitor the heart performance of the person it is connected to.  It requires a doctor to know how to use the machine and the correct way to achieve the best outcome for the patient.  To ensure maximum performance the machine, which cost more than £4,000, had to be replaced after several years. 

The second purchase, at a cost of £3,000, was a hysteroscope together with additional surgical equipment required to complete a procedure called a hysteroscopy, a diagnostic procedure used to examine the inside of the womb. A hysteroscope is a narrow telescope with a light and camera at the end.  Images are sent from the scope to a monitor so that the consultant can see inside a patient’s womb.  While Tetbury Hospital has the consultant to complete this procedure, patient numbers are restricted by the number of scopes available.  Each scope must be sent away for sterilisation after each patient before it can be used again.

Tetbury Hospital is an independent healthcare provider delivering high quality services on behalf of the NHS and for private patients.  The hospital has a walk-in facility for minor injuries, and an X-ray department.  It provides outpatient consultations and day case surgery. Care delivered on behalf of the NHS only covers the operations of the hospital, it does not pay for vital medical equipment that needs to be purchased or replaced.

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July 5th 2021

Lions Supports Primary School Reading

The on-going pandemic and three lock downs have caused great difficulties for so many families both nationally and in our community.  In schools, reading has been identified as being of particular concern as this, in some cases, has taken a back seat.  St Mary’s Primary School is promoting reading for every year group using a “Reading Road” to plan materials and where they fit across the curriculum.  Knowing the school considers reading and the joy of books as key to its pupils’ success, Tetbury Lions has supported St Mary’s with a donation of £1,050 to purchase a selection of books, both fiction and non-fiction, for all age groups.

Disadvantaged children generally do not have access to quality materials but with the help of the Lions, each year group in St Mary’s will have a small library of books (featuring texts that relate to the class discussion topics).  These could be lent out to the children who do not have access to books at home.  Reading some of the texts that will be discussed in class will help the children’s knowledge and, hopefully, improve their confidence when discussing the books. 

Tetbury Lions believes St Mary’s will achieve its objective to make every child a reader, providing them with the skills to move on to and access the secondary school curriculum.

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April 2021

Virtual Duck Race Success

Determined to continue fundraising despite the coronavirus pandemic, Tetbury Lions held its inaugural Virtual Duck Race over the Easter weekend.  The Race started at midday on Good Friday with the ducks moving a random distance every hour until they reached the finish line on Easter Monday.  Around 250 ducks, entered by all age groups, launched into the ”water” with each named and in some cases personalised by the sponsor. 

On a course that took in most of the country, the race started and finished in Tetbury with the winning duck travelling 930 km, an impressive 66 km ahead of second place.  Hoardings, flags and sky banners, purchased by generous local individuals and companies adorned the route.  With all ducks safely over the finish line, Racing Ron, the events mascot, declared that over £800 had been raised and that the owner of the winning Duck “Plum Sauce” received the first prize of £200.

Tetbury Lions are confident that given the popularity of this event, the Club will almost certainly dedicate future Easter weekends to virtual duck racing.


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