Men in Sheds & Allotment

Men in Sheds offer community spaces for men to connect, converse and create.  They offer a place for men to pursue practical interests at leisure, to practice skills and enjoy making and mending.  They are about social connections and friendship building, sharing skills and knowledge, and of course a lot of laughter.  As a by-product of all of that they reduce isolation and feelings of loneliness, they allow men to deal with mental health challenges more easily and remain independent, they rebuild communities.  We know there are existing day club facilities for the elderly in Tetbury but they are not well attended by older men who seem to be more comfortable in the company of other men and a programme of more practical activities.

Thanks to the kind donation of an allotment plot in Herd Lane by the Feoffees, Tetbury Lions commenced this initiative on 1 January 2019.  It is a new venture for the  town and the Lions are right behind the project believing it will be extremely beneficial for an often neglected sector of the community.

We would very much like to hear from men who for whatever reason, retirement, job loss, health issues etc would be interested in joining Men in Sheds and  the companionship it offers.  There is no annual subscription and no joining fee, just turn up.  At the moment we meet on site in Herd Lane (behind the Royal Oak) at 10.00 am each Wednesday for a couple of hours.

UPDATE – The allotment raised £906 last year and is now self – sufficient. We have a new member who has brought with him a half share in another plot. Any surplus from the extra land will be sold “over the wall”

In 2020 Tetbury Men in Sheds acquired a container which is to be converted into a workshop.

The workshop still cannot be safely used at the moment, but a retired carpenter has been setting it up as a carpenters workshop and sharpening the now abundant supply of donated tools.

For more details please contact Phil Williams